Sharecropping in the Sixties

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Sharecropping in the Sixties

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Sharecropping in the Sixties
by Betty Lane Maddox
About the Author

My name is Betty Lane Walls Maddox, born in Hollandale, Mississippi to Melvin and Roberta D Walls. I am the second of twelve children, my husbands name is Milton L Maddox and we have four girls. Their names are Veronica Walls, Theresa Walls, Yoko Sexton, and Sabrina Sexton. We also have one son, Danta McKee, and thirteen grandchildren. I decided to write this book because of a television show I was watching one night. The lady on this show was writing a book, so I said to myself, I am going to write me a book or try to anyway. I decided to write about how life was for my family and me growing up on a plantation.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)