Sharing with You My Chocolate Marguerite Shake

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8862-8
Sharing with You My Chocolate Marguerite Shake
by Ivan A. Harris Feeling my childhood was interesting, I figured others would find my growing-up anecdotes appealing. I wanted to also share my childhood with my family, for justifiable reasons. Joining the Navy after my graduation summer seemed a natural thing to do the romance it offered and the assurance that I would be serving my country appealed to me. Besides, I found job-hunting scary. The Navy was such a pleasure, and I relished talking about it. Also, my greatest growth came during my Navy years. The first part of my book deals with childhood memories. Have you ever had the joy of visiting the unloading of a huge circus at the freight yards and the involvement of the Big Top being erected in the middle of a country field? I wager not many children get to witness such things, especially in these more modern times. Of short duration are a couple dozen fictional bits, which the reader will hopefully find thought-provoking and/or humorous. This book was fun to write. I do hope youll get a similar kick as Im Sharing with You My Chocolate Marguerite Shake. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I joined the Navy after graduating from Colorado Springs High in 1939. Rate: Coxswain (Cox-sun) during Japans attack on Pearl Harbor retrieving survivors with motorlaunch. I proudly served aboard battleship Nevada for four years and two years on minesweepers. I am grateful for the loving, productive attitude of my parents; my firm family religion; growing-up in Colorado Springs and Denver; and my Navy experienceLiving by the Golden RuleLove, Gratitude, Mutual Respect, with Copasetic Expectations. I am proud to be even somewhat responsible for five family treasures: Sharon, Diane, Clinton, Christine, and Landa. I began writing partially for their benefit. I am a member of the USS Nevada Association and the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Carnation Chapter 3. Hoping you will enjoy my book, Sharing with You My Chocolate Marguerite Shake. I wish my readers well. (2007, paperback, 214 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.