Shattered Crimson

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Shattered Crimson
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Shattered Crimson
by Dionne Gideon

As blood leaves the body, so does life. So how could a mother witness a blood trail form her son and not realize hes dying.

Simone Phillips, a single young mother, carries an emotional hole in her heart from her childhood. Yet she has managed to conceal the pain with a successful career. Not willing to deal with her broken spirit, she uses promiscuity as an escape. In turn, she becomes narcissistic and inattentive to CJ, her son.

CJs pain from his mothers neglect is revealed in an astounding way. Witnessed only by Simone, the tear stains that CJ leaves behind manifest as blood stains. But Simone is too self-absorbed to follow this extraordinary blood trail. And its not until CJ ends up on his deathbed that she realizes the critical impact her negligence has had on him.

Through rebuke from family and friends, her failed efforts of emotional manipulation, and divine intervention, Simone is forced to face her demon -- the imbedded pain she carries from her fathers rejection. Having come to a point of breakthrough and deliverance from this internal hell, she is finally able to make the only decision that can save her sons life.

Shattered Crimson is a powerful, spiritually and emotionally charged family drama. The tears and blood in this story draw a profound parallel to sin and death. The tears evidence the hurt from sin. But the blood reveals how that hurt, if ignored, can lead to a spiritual, emotional, and ultimate physical death.

About the Author

Dionne Gideon was born in Chicago Illinois, raised in Detroit Michigan and is currently an accountant for a non-profit organization. She is also a talented lyricist. Her most recent project included writing an entire album for an up and coming Gospel artist. Dionnes goals are to continue writing books and music and to ultimately write for the big screen.

(2013, Paperback, 170 pages)