Shepherds, Lambs, and Sheep

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Shepherds, Lambs, and Sheep
by Martha M. Law Shepherds, Lambs, and Sheep is a personal spiritual encounter and healing growth. It is a work that evolved from holy releasing of guilt and pain from not listening to the Shepherd of God. This encased biblical study is riveting for the present-day church application, both leadership and the heart. The analogy is Christ Jesus in a simple, practical application. This is the appointed time for a closer look at the Shepherds, Lambs, and Sheep. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in rural Oklahoma, Martha M. Law received a Christian mission seed from her parents. Marriage transplanted her into the city culture of Detroit. Her passion for people and the Church led her to teach while working as a nurse. Through both nursing and church missions, she nurtured and deepened her relationship with Christ. Going through a broken marriage relationship, with the help of the Holy Spirit she raised three loving children in Christ. When submitting to a higher calling, Martha obtained a masters degree in pastoral counseling and a masters in divinity. Ordained as an elder in the ministry, she continues her passion for Christ in studying, writing, and teaching. (2007, paperback, 160 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.