Short Stories

Short Stories
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Short Stories
by Michael Byrne

This book will take you on a magical journey into a wonderful world where anything is possible. Some of the characters you will meet are funny and some are kind. Each story is an adventure of excitement and magic and will leave you wanting more.

About the Author:

Michael Byrne was born in Ireland and served 26 years in the Irish Army. During that time he travelled all over to different countries as part of the United Nations. The hardest part of that time in the Army was seeing all the children in poverty, so he decided to help them by sharing stories with them and drawing on the orphanage wall in Lebanon. Since then it has always been a dream of Michaelís to write a childrenís book.

After Michael left the army, he went into the entertainment industry with an English company. He went to live in Tunisia and married his beautiful wife who supports him and his dreams. On his travels as an entertainer he met a group of eight girls and a manager working in Ibiza. This is where he got his ideas for his first book.

(2015, Paperback, 68 pages)


Short Stories [EBOOK]
Short Stories [EBOOK]

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