Showtime: Stage Fright

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Showtime: Stage Fright

Stage Fright

By: Leanne Van Dongen


About the Book


Hannah Little was excited, but petrified, for finally going to achieve her goal: playing the piano in front of an audience. But it changes when Hope ruins her performance by pulling off a traumatic stunt. As the result, Hannah gets stage fright and refuses to have another attempt when her mother and Max encourage her to. Can she find the courage to get over her stage fright and live the moment she has been longing for?


About the Author


                Stage Fright is the third and final book Leanne Van Dongen has written for the Showtime collection. Leanne got inspired to become an author by books she read while growing up. She is also the author of Kate the Great and The Trio, the other books for this collection. She enjoys drawing, painting, and watching action movies in her free time. She is currently in high school and lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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(2020, paperback, 98 pages)

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