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by Johnathan R. Summage

Shumora is a nonfiction story. It has a lot of elements that the author knew as a young man, he could relate to it in so many ways. He feels that after you read this story, you will relate to Shumora as well.

About the Author The authors love for Asian culture has always been part of him. His experience with Asian culture is limited, but as a man of color it resonated with him. He is in love with a beautiful Asian woman; she is his cornerstone. Summage has seen prejudice and bigotry, but even with all of that he believes we dont have to be tied down to injustice, but can rise to greatness.

When Summage wrote Shumora it was a dream that came true for him. Because it is everything thing that was so dear to him, he hopes the book impacts someone elses life, like it did for him. Every day he sees the struggles that happen in peoples lives. Sometimes people take things for granted, like your mother and father always being there for you, but thats not the case for some people.

Summage believes we should see the beauty of what other cultures have to offer, in order to help us understand, grow, and develop. He thinks that is what life is all about: to be better, to be stronger, to understand. To answer the question, Why?

(2013, Paperback, 136 pages)