Silly Sheep

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Silly Sheep
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Silly Sheep
by G.L. Smith

Silly Sheep follows a young sheep getting caught in a series of conundrums and problems that must be solved along the way. Whether it is one of Silly Sheep's mishaps or a friend struggling with a problem of their own, the characters help teach the meaning of facing life's ups and downs, as well as building friendship together.

About the Author:

G. L. Smith is a student at Black Hawk College in Moline, Illinois. She is working towards a certificate in Art Technologies. Many of her courses in school involve what she loves the most: art.

Ever since she was a little girl, Smith loved to draw. Even today she will sketch and doodle on random sheets of paper, whether it is blank or a class packet. There has never been a limit to where she expresses her creativity.

When Smith was in her senior year of high school she came up with the idea of Silly Sheep for her Creative Writing class. She started sketching cartoon animals out on notebook paper. When she drew the sheep she knew it would be her star character. She wanted to tell a story that would appeal to a general audience.

Now that Smith has her first book complete, she plans to continue her creative route by writing more stories and drawing more pictures. She would like to entertain people of all ages with her stories and artwork.

(2015, Hardbound, 50 pages)