Simple Motivation Principles for Fulfilling Destiny

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Simple Motivation Principles for Fulfilling Destiny
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Simple Motivation Principles for Fulfilling Destiny
by Philemon I. Gora

You have packaged a lot of sense and guide in this book to make life count. This is motivating, educating, inspiring and challenging.

Wisdom Emamuzo Peter
Pastor/Author: Path Founders Ministries (Nig)
I am the Vine, Ye are the Branches:

In a world of complexity, Philemon I. Gora has chosen to communicate timeless principles for fulfilling destiny in a simple way. His style of writing is interesting in that he intertwined comedy, bible verses, collection of wise sayings and experience to relate principles that will not leave your life the same.

Read and learn the importance of:
Beginning life from the heart
Thinking before you leap,
Cultivating positive attitude
Learn to talk less and listen more
Possessing the sense of direction
Overcome stinginess and complaining
Learning and tapping into the potential of your environment in fulfilling destiny.

Simple, exciting, precise, and timely are the principles.
Read and fulfill your destiny.

About the Author

Philemon I. Gora is an international author, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, project manager and CEO of Cashflow ABI Network Ltd. He has spoken in several National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programmes in Nigeria. He is a recipient of the award Man of The Year 2004 by the American Biographical Institute (USA). His monthly Cashflow Wealth Creation Seminars attracts an average attendance of 300 people. He is the international author of Simple Motivational Guide for Creating Wealth. He and his wife, Grace, live in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

(2012, paperback, 80 pages)