Sir Domingo

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Sir Domingo

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Sir Domingo
by Molly Hines

If you have ever had a horse, or if you have ever wanted a horse, reading Sir Domingo will touch you at some level emotionally. My name is Molly Hines. Until now I had never written a book, nor did I ever intend to. The pages within this book were initially written to help me cope with the loss of my dear friend Domingo, the most incredible horse that was a member of my family for 29 years.

I had been told that writing down my thoughts about Domingo would help me deal with the extreme emptiness I was feeling inside. I must agree that it truly has. To my surprise; however, when I began to jot down my feelings as well as about a few of the adventures Domingo and I had together, I simply could not stop. What started out as a few pages suddenly evolved into creating this book, which was the healing process my broken heart needed. I hope you enjoy reading Sir Domingo as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

When I look deeply into their eyes,
I can see everything, both good and bad,
that has happened to them.
Sometimes I believe that they, too,
see the same depth of my life
as they look into my eyes.
- Molly Hines, author of Sir Domingo

(2010, paperback, 132 pages)