Six Ghost Stories

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Six Ghost Stories

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Six Ghost Stories
by Mary Caro

It is interesting how people handle the fear of the unknown. One of the subjects that fascinates readers is the possibility of life after death. Crossing over seems to be different for each involuntary person involved. Some souls want to return to this world for unfinished business. Their efforts to reach this world are for different reasons using different methods.

Six Ghost Stories will open your mind to the reactions of the people in this world to the attempts of communication by the souls of the next world. The stories are true accounts of men and women who have experienced these chilling moments. Some of the stories are the authors personal experiences. Other stories are accounts of things that happened to relatives. Still others are stories told by family friends. The readers will read and reread these stories, drawing conclusion of their own about the unknown world after death.

About the Author

Mary Lou Caro is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and forever a teacher. As a child, raised in the poorest conditions, Ms. Caro was always fascinated by the world of knowledge at hand. Family members would tell stories by the campfire, which was the familys way of home entertainment. She never forgot the stories told again and again. Each time a story was told, it seemed to have something added to make it eerier.

Ms. Caros education is a story in itself. Her Masters work required great amounts of library work. When she read the mysteries written by other folks, she decided to share the stories that should be shared from generation to generation. Her hobbies have always included visiting libraries and reading about different subjects.

(2012, paperback, 36 pages)