Skirmishes and Struggles of the Dalton Family

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Skirmishes and Struggles of the Dalton Family

Skirmishes and Struggles of the Dalton Family

By: Amanda L. Dalton

About the Book

In research done for Skirmishes and Struggles of the Dalton Family, a lot of information was discovered not written in school history books. For example, in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, they went through the northern states. The only way they could have survived was with the help of the Native Americans there.

The book begins when Henry De Beaumont, the author’s 25th great-grandfather, fought in the Battle of Hastings with William the Conqueror. William endowed to be the first Earl of Warwick Castle. The Daltons came from Ireland and fought in this same battle. They were given land in England and inter-married with the Beaumonts. Eventually, the families migrated to America.

The families had a mixture of outlaws and ministers. The author’s great-grandfather was hung for stealing a horse. She also recalls hearing of the notorious Dalton Gang from her aunts, cousins, and uncles when they would come to visit, but at the time was unaware of the outlaw gang until years later, reading about them in history books.


About the Author

Author Amanda L. Dalton wants to inspire a love for history and family heritage. A few months before launching this endeavor, she heard a historian on CBS Early Show encouraging people share their family histories with their children, as it will have great relevance to future generations.


(2018, Paperback, 68 pages)

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