Sky the Fly Explores Philadelphia

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Sky the Fly Explores Philadelphia
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Sky the Fly Explores Philadelphia
by Jessica and Rebecca Mark About the Authors

Jessica and Rebecca Mark have a strong family bond with each other as well as with their parents who feel that traveling is a valuable learning tool. While growing up in New Jersey, Jessica and Rebecca have been able to have the wonderful experience of visiting every state in the United States, as well as traveling in England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Canada. They have learned geography, science, language and experienced culture through personal exploration of our world. Traveling enriches our lives and makes us more tolerant and appreciative of the many people of varying cultures who live in our country and our world.

While sitting next to each other on an airplane during a return trip from Hawaii, Jessica and Rebecca noticed a fly on one of the inside windows and began discussing what an interesting adventure that fly was about to have by leaving Hawaii and flying to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jessica and Rebecca thought that this experience would create an interesting point of view for an entertaining children's book about travel. They decided to name the fly Sky and write a travel story from Sky's point of view. This unique point of view is appealing to children and fun to read independently or with an adult as the traveling adventures of Sky unfold on the pages.

Reading Sky the Fly Explores Philadelphia is a fun way to explore the city of Philadelphia and focus on the main attractions of the city. Experiencing the city of Philadelphia from Sky's point of view is entertaining for children and keeps their attention while enriching their young minds and exposing them to the interesting attractions of the city.

Enjoy Sky the Fly Explores Philadelphia and follow Sky on his adventures to other places in the future.

(2013, paperback, 28 pages)