SkyeMist; a cat

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SkyeMist; a cat
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SkyeMist; a Cat
by M. E. Powell

SkyeMist was a beautiful tortoise-seal point mixture with pale blue eyes. She came from the pound when she was six months old. She passed away when she was only nine. Like most Siamese, she started out almost white and grew darker as she aged. She was a thinking cat, as opposed to an intuitive cat. She vanished when strangers came in, but she was not shy at home. She was smart and ornery. But, when she would see a dripping cat go by outside in the rain, she was glad to be warm at home. She was glad to be part of a family.

About the Author:

M. E. Powell has a college BA in History/Humanities. She works and reads a lot. She has spent around fifty years with cats. She resides in Long Beach, California.

(2014, Paperback, 72 pages)