Slang is Doom, Reviled Slob; My Symbols Deliver Mood-Signals!

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Slang is Doom, Reviled Slob; My Symbols Deliver Mood-Signals!
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Slang is Doom, Reviled Slob; My Symbols Deliver Mood-Signals! And Other Palindromes
by Guy Valentine

Logic makes them nervous as a hemophiliac at a porcupine petting-farm! Seriousness takes the life out of them like a vengeful obstetrician! Eleven year-olds wont love them again for another eleven years! And geminis cant get enough of them. They comprise the reading lists of boomerang-enthusiasts, and the inner dialogue of the Roman god, Janus. They have more tricks up their sleeve than a one-armed magician, and cause deliberate dj vu. It takes the steady gaze of Medusas optometrist to verify their integrity; and once you do, you invariably wish they would disappear like a snowman stepping into a Jacuzzi. They lack purpose, propriety and popular appeal yet, life without them (though few are willing to admit it), would be as painful as a sword-swallowers bowel movement.

Are they merely strange felicities of syntax, or impish glimpses of reality seen through the quartz lens of a dream? Does it matter? Either way, theyre proud, provocative, predictable, profound, precise, preposterous, preternatural, and sometimes even prurient. Theyre PALINDROMES!! Fresh, frank phrases and weirdly-wired words that read the same forward and backward.

About the Author

Guy Valentine has a Master of Arts Degree in Theater from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as an international flight attendant in New York City, a librarian in Honolulu, an English teacher in Bangkok, and is presently in a rock and roll band in Los Angeles. His future aspirations include durian-farming, tow-in surfing, orangutan-rehabilitation, and juggling-while-unicycling-while-reciting the first three pages of Finnegan's Wake. He believes in some kind of afterlife because of his experiences with sacred plants as well as the music of Michael Nyman and Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the novels of Tom Robbins and Peter Hoeg. Om Mani Padme Hum.

(2012, paperback, 94 pages)