Sloppy Life, Sloppy Zen

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Sloppy Life, Sloppy Zen

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Sloppy Life, Sloppy Zen
by Alan West

Many make the journey. Many have told of their journey. There is never too much information about the journey. All have a different take on their journey.

This is a record of a lifetime of experiences. It was not a 'book' concept as it began.

"Others may benefit from these errors, and not make the same ones. Others may benefit from these learnings, and make the same ones".

About the Author

It begins by reading weird books and investigating different ideas and attitudes. It never became a 'recognized' journey until now, and it continues.

In my late 20's I began to remember words that were spoken before I was born, Remember Alan, this is your last time here. This set up an unconventional direction.

Alan lives on the Washougal river, 35 miles from where he was born. He lives with Joyce, the first and only true love of this last life. He does machinist work and goes fishing often.

(2010, paperback, 116 pages)