Small Talk

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Small Talk

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Small Talk
by Ms. Dorothy A. Peterson
Typographer Rae Jean Bett

As daycare teachers in Waupun, Wisconsin for a combined total of 18 years, Dorothy A. Peterson and Rae Jean Bett listened to children and watched them and marveled at what they witnessed. They collected about 100 pages of quotes they heard and observations they made and shared these stories with fellow teachers and parents, and their smiles and laughter inspired Peterson and Rae to write Small Talk. There is 10 years of quotes collected to make Small Talk.

Dorothy A. Peterson was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the youngest of 12 children. Some of her schooling was in a two-room country school, where two teachers covered grades 1-8.

After working 32 years in sewing machine shops, she started working with children at a daycare center and continued with it for 12 years. She is the proud grandmother of two grandchildren.

Rae Jean Bett was born in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, the second of seven children. She has been taking care of small children all her life. After working 25 years as a nurse, she worked with Peterson at a daycare center for six years. She is the proud grandmother of three grandchildren.

(2009, paperback, 176 pages)