Small Town Heroes: The Destruction of an Empire

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Small Town Heroes: The Destruction of an Empire
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Small Town Heroes: The Destruction of an Empire
by Loyd Allison

Thank you, Captain America and all of the Marvel and DC Heroes, for all your diligent work and self-sacrificing efforts in protecting this world against extremely evil foes.

But, sometimes, in small towns around the globe, it could be your town or mine, a group of Heroes are needed to guarantee our life, safety, and way of living.

This is a tale of just such a group of unknown Heroes (maybe?) somewhere on this particular planet (is it Earth?).

Now, let us try to tell you their story, and see if you agree or disagree. After all, you may see it in a completely different fact or situation than we do.

Let us know your thoughts. Use the electronic media to express why your opinion is different from the last person to read this book. How many of you agree or how many of you disagree with the pursuit of these individuals? Are they indeed Heroes, busybodies, or small town buddies trying to make a difference? Either way, good? Or bad?

Your opinion will decide the outcome of the next story we tell.

(2015, Paperback, 90 pages)