Snapshots of Memory

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9069-0
Snapshots of Memory
by Ralph L. Mattingly The short stories in Snapshots of Memory were written for boys and girls to read in poetic form so that it is enjoyable. Readers of all ages will enjoy these short, quick stories. They are perfect stories to read to your children and grandchildren while you determine all of the hidden meanings in mostly all of them. The author hopes you will enjoy these little stories in Snapshots of Memory, which consist of true events that happened to him when he was young, growing up in the forties and early fifties. He tells us that not one name was changed or one story embellished from the exact way he remembers them. He is a storyteller first and uses poetry as a tool, as this is the best way to tell these short stories. Give this book to someone who youve heard say, I dont read much. The story is told so quickly they dont realize they read one, and it always ends with a smile. Most of the time while reading excerpts from Snapshots of Memory, you learn something or reinforce what you already know. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ralph L. Mattingly is a retired insurance agent living in Durant, Oklahoma. He excelled as a student at Achille High School, and he attended Southeastern State University in Oklahoma and Stephen F. Austin College in Texas. Ralph owned his own business as an insurance agent for Shield of Shelter Insurance for twenty years and an agent for the Travelers Insurance Company for fifteen years. He also owned a small loan company called A Plus Loan Co. for a short period of time. While attending Stephen F. Austin College, Ralphs literature instructor called him into his office one day and asked him if he had ever considered going into literature. Ralph was stunned because his spelling was terrible in his eyes, and his English has a lot to be desired. But his instructor explained to him that he understood how to tell a story, and he could hire someone to help with the more extensive work. After forty years of only writing stories for his own pleasure, Ralph decided he was able to let someone else see his work, thanks to the computer. Well, people just loved his writing and his stories, and one friend even said, You think like OHenry and you write like Willy Nelson. These are some of his true stories. (2006, paperback, 72 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.