Snippets: Short Stories for Short Times

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Snippets: Short Stories for Short Times

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Snippets: Short Stories for Short Times
by Tom Doppke

Ever want a book that you could put down and pick up again without rereading those last three chapters to refresh your memory as to who did what to whom? Snippets is ideal for that doctors office waiting room or any other time when you have a few minutes to spare. This collection of short stories is the perfect take-along companion. The unexpected, the weird, and the just plain pathos of the characters are all documented in these snippets of lifes events.

About the Author

Tom Doppke is an observer of everyday events who sees them through different glasses. Where others see a shadow, he sees a ghost, a tree, a witness to a tragedy, the commonplace ends with an unexpected twist. The author of several hundred technical articles, he has branched out into new directions with several stories and Snippets, his third fiction offering. Growing up in the Midwest, he has been influenced by the areas native lore and woodland mysteries.

(2010, paperback, 114 pages)