Snookie - My Spirit Path

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Snookie - My Spirit Path

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Snookie - My Spirit Path
by Ida Lee (Snookie) Hodge

Some people hear their inner voice with great clarity and live by what they hear. Snookie is such a person.

Born in the aftermath of the Depression and in the midst of WWII, Snookie was raised on a farm in the South. She struggled with the stigma of being poor and having parents of mixed race white and American Indian. She found that her inner voice helped her cope by guiding her and giving her insight.

Snookie - My Spirit Path follows Ida Lee (Snookie) Hodges spiritual experiences from birth to old age, as she not only struggles to survive, but to understand who she is in relation to others. She also recounts her 3,000-mile solo drive from Washington state back to her home in Alabama, a trip she decided to make after her sixty-fourth birthday.

About the Author

Ida Lee (Snookie) Hodge enjoys a quiet country life in Alabama with her husband, Lewis.

After retiring from a career in physical therapy, she decided to pursue her first love: writing.

Her higher education began at age forty at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama. She graduated in 1982 with an associates degree and went on to the University of Alabamas School of Community and Allied health, earning an associates degree in applied science in 1984.

Her poems appear in the Echota Cherokee Poet Tree Book.

(2011, hardback, 66 pages)