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by J. Lennington

Carly Brooker is a breeder of thoroughbred horses. He is continuing in his fathers footsteps and is his fathers business partner. Carlys family is somewhat dysfunctional, with Carly being the worst of the lot, in his fathers opinion. Carly tries hard to please his father, but Murphy Brookers attitude towards his oldest son makes it hard for Carly to look him in the eye. Why cant he be more like his younger brother, Paul, who is also a breeder, or his younger sister and brother, whom Murphy adores? Murphy is proud of them. All of them, except Carly.

About the Author

J. Lennington is a retired factory worker of thirty-eight years. She was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Ohio while still in infancy. Growing up, she spent many hours listening to the many stories told by her grandfather and father. Her love for storytelling prompted her to write.

Lennington is a mother, stepmother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who wants to continue telling stories like those before her. Unlike her grandfather and father, she wants to share her stories with the world. Snow is the first of a four books series about the life of an insecure horse breeder in Kentucky. It is the third book Lennington has written and published.

(2012, paperback, 334 pages)