So Now You Know

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9634-0
So Now You Know
by Rose Obler Goldsholl In this candid and uplifting autobiography, Rose Goldsholl reveals what she learned while overcoming nearly seventy years of challengesincluding a loveless childhood, little education, poverty, marital and family difficulties, discrimination, and the need to work two jobs. This remarkable book follows Rose from the London blitzkrieg to a near-meeting with the Manson murderers in Los Angeles. Inspired by philosophical and Buddhist teachings, Rose acquired the wisdom and perspective that allow her to appreciate the goodness of life and accept the not-so-good graciously. In addition to Roses unique adventures and adversities, the book also includes her original poetry and insights into several contemporary issues. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Raised in hunger and poverty in Jewish East London, Rose dreamed of a better life in America and scrimped to save for her passage there at age nineteen. She and her American husband, Arnie, struggled to get by while raising two troubled children. Arnies sudden murder pushed their daughter into mental illness, so Rose spent the next six years struggling to find a proper mental health diagnosis, medication, and care for her homeless schizophrenic child. After many remarkable battles and victories, she and her daughter Tammy live together happily today in a flower-festooned California cottage. (2005, paperback, 150 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.