So, You Want to Own a B & B? Think Again!

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So, You Want to Own a B & B?  Think Again!
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So, You Want to Own a B & B? Think Again!
by Sally Alves

Own a B&B in the old west town of Tombstone, Arizona? Sally and Jerry Alves relished the idea when they purchased a rambling, vacant adobe hacienda badly needing renovation. After six months of hard work their poor, neglected house was turned into a lovely, inviting B&B.

Sally shares a plethora of humorous, heartwarming, sad and shocking stories about guests during her seven years of business. These unusual tales include crazy weddings, romantic proposals, strange honeymoons, runaway brides, iffy affairs, dangerous intrigue, ghost stories and more. She also dishes on the exciting film stars who stayed at her B&B during Tombstones film festivals.

This is a must read and a learning experience for those wanting to know the inside scoop of what really can happen inside the B&B business.

About the Author

As a child growing up in Western Washington, Sally Alves wrote short stories with the dream of someday becoming a renowned journalist. Returning to the Pacific Northwest after touring Europe, she became involved in historic preservation projects. She wrote two books on area history and received a governors award for her efforts. She left a corporate job to move to Tombstone, Arizona where she could continue her love of history and open a B&B in the European tradition. Seven stimulating, yet exhausting, years later, Sally retired with her husband to a quiet Arizona border town where she lives today. In her new book, Sally shares many of her unusual, funny and dramatic experiences about owning and operating a B&B in an old west tourist town.

(2012, paperback, 70 pages)