Social Worker on Steel a.k.a. The Steel Stories

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Social Worker on Steel a.k.a. The Steel Stories

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Social Worker on Steel a.k.a. The Steel Stories
by Linda Locke

Social Worker on Steel was named as I spent twenty-five years providing placement and legal services in Contra Costa County Californias Locked facilities. This included three jails, many locked facilities, hospitals in and out of the county, and Juvenile Hall. Placements could be in any licensed drug, alcohol, or mental health facility. I was limited in that most of my 29,998 clients were indigent. Some Contra Costa Public Defenders clients were guilty. The innocent were handled by the public defenders without intervention from me. These stories needed to be told, as most of the poor are invisible.

About the Author

I was born in an orphanage and adopted by my father, Orval Locke, a pharmacist. I had several mothers. I worked for my father from age six as a soda jerk, clerk, and toy manager before I attended college. I wed a bipolar husband, whose suicide left me with two children and no close family. I was also a professional singer, choir director, assistant embalmer, EMT ambulance driver, substitute teacher, social worker, founder of the Contra Costa Food Bank, public defender placement officer, and social worker in the Delano Grape Strike assigned to Cesar Chavez. These stories begged to be told.

(2010, paperback, 190 pages)