Something Hidden Slicko Ramboe Jr. - eBook

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Something Hidden Slicko Ramboe Jr. - eBook

Something Hidden Slicko Ramboe Jr.

By: David W. Vanderheiden


About the Book

What makes this story interesting is what the character’s dad runs into – and that is the pictures in the brother’s clubhouse.

When the kid runs away, will he be found?

No one can get away with what he or she does, anymore.

At the end of the story, the mystery is solved nicely.

This story is unique and believable.


About the Author

David W. Vanderheiden is a very nice person. He needs to clean his place more – he tries to keep it clean all the time. He just needs to try harder, like he did while working on this story.

Vanderheiden wrote this story for all the mothers and fathers to read so the events in this story do not happen to their kids.

Vanderheiden has the good Lord in his life and is grateful.


(2020, eBook)