Something Sweet and Sexy

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Something Sweet and Sexy
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Something Sweet and Sexy
by Miss Amy J. Clark

Something Sweet and Sexy is a love story about two people who finally find each other after years of searching and a few failed marriages. Clark chose to set her book Something Sweet and Sexy in Roman times because that is the authors favorite period in history. The character Jesus Christ who appears in the last chapter is another reason she chose the Roman times. The author wanted to remind people who Jesus Christ was and all of the wonderful things He did. Clark has really enjoyed writing this book.

About the Author:

Miss Amy J. Clark lives in Largo, Florida. She has lived in her home for five years now. She grew up mostly in Clearwater, Florida, but lived in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, from the age of five until she was twelve. Clarks hobbies include reading, writing, decorating and taking care of animals. Her four cats are the loves of her life. Their names are Jasime, Dewey, Zoey, and Jay. Clarks mothers name is Kathlean McGuiness and her dads name is Billy Jay Clark. She has two sisters and a one half-brother. Her sister Kelly Marie Clark is the oldest. She has one son named Kendall and two daughters named Zoey Isbelle Brown and Alissa Marrie Clark. Clark dedicates this book in honor of the United States troops fighting around the world and making the world a safer place to live.

(2016, Paperback, 46 pages)