Something in the Sky

Something in the Sky
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Something in the Sky
by June Reynolds

Lyle Kent is an average fifteen-year-old who is just starting high school when his whole life is turned upside down in a single day. He must use all his courage to help his family survive the loss of everything they once had. Just as they get settled again, Lyles personal life is threatened. One kind act spins the gossip and bullies of a small town into a frenzy and Lyle feels he must act. Lyle is always looking for a sign, hoping he will find something magic, but he finds that he has to look within himself for strength.

About the Author:

June A. Reynolds has been writing since she was ten and has been a teacher and librarian in public schools in the Pacific Northwest for 35 years. She has taught pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in a wide variety of subjects, including drama. She has two grown children and a grandson and still substitutes for the schools. She loves to hike and was a puppeteer for twenty years.

Mrs. Reynolds has written one screen play and several stage plays. One story has been adapted as a radio play and a novel. She is also a historian who has written two books on local history and a musical on Oregon history.

(2015, Paperback, 110 pages)


Something in the Sky [EBOOK]
Something in the Sky [EBOOK]

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