Son Rise in the Morning

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Son Rise in the Morning
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Son Rise in the Morning
by Christian Mountain

This compilation is a unique means to communicate the magnificence of Jesus Christ, His creation, and His forgiving grace.

Son Rise in the Morning is a visit into the wonder of an all-encompassing God who loves you and evidence of His ways.

The writer is country-folk from the northeast who has recorded observations of natural beauty, life-saving experiences, and a plenitude of miracles and blessings bestowed by God. These writings are fictional imagery of over-whelming goodness of Jesus Christ.

You are witness to a token of gratitude for eternal and perfect life. More than that, this is offered as a tool to introduce you, lost soul, to the only path to heaven.

If you find yourself longing to know a way to peace and joy, seek out a Pentecostal Church and arrange to take a Bible study. The study will walk you down a scriptural path to salvation.

About the Author

Christian Mountain is a sinner who sought that special high place signified by his name. He discovered that, unless he surrendered to someone more powerful than himself, he was destined to flounder in an eternity of suffering and darkness.

He found forgiveness of sin and salvation through the grace of God. He now walks a path of solace, which will lead to that event where Jesus Christ will remove all negative influences and guilt, and call him to glory.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)