Sonnets and Poems

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Sonnets and Poems

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Sonnets and Poems
by Jeff Davis

This is a very inspiring book for readers, young and old. The experiences related in it will have the attention of everyone who reads this book and the intention for the readers to be interested and stay on each page enhanced with delight. Some of the sonnets and poems of this book are emotional, while others are gripping and yet, so interesting as to keep the reader guessing what the next page will bring in hopes to inspire everyone.

May the readers enjoy.

About the Author

The author of this book is a very stimulating writer. He was born in Tennessee and raised most of his life in Mississippi. He didnt quite finish high school. With an eleventh grade education, he was inspired with writing by the many experiences as he went through in life. In this book the reader will find careful writing, with strong feelings.

He is a very sensitive man, indeed, and yet as down to earth as everyone else. He has intentions of keeping his readers interested in this, his first book, as well as others, which will follow as completed.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)