Sound Off for Reading

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Sound Off for Reading

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Sound Off for Reading
by Dr. Linda Cavanaugh

The phonics book was used in an after-school 6-8 program for ESL and Title I students for five years. It was taught twice a week for two hours for nine weeks. It was written out of a need to help minority students learn to read as soon as possible because ESOL teachers was spread too thin to cover the regular classes. This supplement tool was used successfully with Spanish students, but can be used with anyone. A tutorial for all ages, who have not learned to read with other methods, it provides an opportunity to gain these skills.

About the Author

Dr. Cavanaugh moved to Columbus, Indiana. She retired from the Florida public schools after forty-five years of public education experience as an elementary reading teacher, middle school and high school guidance counselor, and K-8 principal. Her educational background includes a B.S. in Elementary Education and ED.S. in administration, both degrees from Western Illinois University, a M.A. in Guidance from Northeastern Illinois University, and a PH.D. in Educational Leadership from Barry University.

She believes that every person regardless of age should have the inalienable right to learn to read. Marvin, the Marvelous Mosquito, is a childrens book she is working on now.

(2010, paperback, 174 pages)