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by Judy Boehm

Sometimes things are not always what they seem, like babies who drive spaceships. SPACEBABIES is a fun, out-of-this world story for the young at heart. When the babies from space land on Earth, playtime for Henry and Veronica is interrupted. The babies and children become fast-friends.

The sharing of thumbs illustrated in the book refers to the Christian belief that the thumb is the most instrumental of the fingers in bestowing blessings. Like the Spacebabies, many have professed an excited, or spiritual feeling when thumbs are touched. You can try this easily yourself, as you read Spacebabies with a friend.

About the Author:

Judy Boehm has a real love for all things Space-related. She lives in the Tucson Mountains, a place where the clear, open skies are perfect for viewing the stars. Astronomy plays a big role in Tucson, and Ms. Boehm cherished a good friendship with one of the areas most famous Astronomers, Bart Bok.

Judy Boehm is an Elementary School Teacher and loves children. Having always been drawn to dancing, she has been ballroom dancing for 12 years. She also likes to ride her bike and roller-blade along the river parkways.

Judy Boehm wrote Spacebabies for her daughter, Veronica, when she was a toddler. The character of Veronica in Spacebabies is loosely based on her daughter. The two even pronounced Spacebabies the same.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)