Spatial Dimensions of Color

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Spatial Dimensions of Color
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Spatial Dimensions of Color
by Annette Meyer

A roll of the dice
An Arab spring
A Quantum leap
An azure sky
Little people, BIG dreams
See a staircase to the heavens floating on dark matter and on light
Perception influences vision
Then, vivid hues exaggerate the mood.
Lines dictate direction
But, haunting subjects exercise the mind.
Beyond the flatness of the page, the spatial dimensions of color triumph!

About the Author

Painting materials are exciting play tools for most children. With a brush, or with their fingers, a child will splash vibrant color on paper and elsewhere. Thoughts of expressing both inward and outward feelings and visions are awakened by second and later experience with such responsive mediums. Annette Meyer was such a child.

The visions grew in form and manner to encompass themes sometimes real, sometimes fantastic, within settings of the actual and the abstract. Expression of these decisions takes form in the work at hand, Spatial Dimensions of Color. Additional titles of the thematic artworks of Annette Meyer include: Daydreams, Ode to Numbers, Flowers, People & Things, Close Up, and Color Rhythms of the Universe.

(2012, paperback, 48 pages)
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