Speaking of the Tongue: Words of Spiritual Poetic Inspiration

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Speaking of the Tongue: Words of Spiritual Poetic Inspiration
by Rita Harden

The power of the tongue is the most significant dynamic in our daily lives. When speaking to someone about someone or something, it can be helpful, shameful, or just downright dangerous. There is an old saying, Think before you speak. Yet we find ourselves doing just the opposite for the most part.

Speaking of the Tongue is an array of spiritual poetic inspiration that gives thought through words of Christianity and Faith. It is based on common ideals and real-life challenges through religious meaning.

We all may not be Christians, but we all may share in some type, or form of spiritual inspiration.

About the Author

The author was inspired to write while developing a relationship with Christ. She realized and it was revealed to her a need to share her thoughts with others. She was inspired to write her personal experiences and realized that those in the spiritual community could certainly relate to and appreciate common-sense ideals of the Christian faith. All you can hope for in expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts is that it will inspire, bring comfort, or bring peace to someone else at a time of need.

(2011, paperback, 70 pages)