Spirit Lifters at Work

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Spirit Lifters at Work

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Spirit Lifters at Work
by Vanessa M. Wachtel-Farias

Spirit-Lifters at Work is the first book in the Lift Your Spirits series. It is an uplifting work of nonfiction from author Vanessa M. Wachtel-Farias. Designed to educate and inspire the reader, Spirit-Lifters provides creative and fun ways to respond to situations that occur in the workplace.

Each page is devoted to either a scenario (Spirit-Buster) or response (Spirit-Lifer). Spirit-Lifters illustrates that challenges in the workplace can easily be solved by either making physical changes or changes in the way that individuals perceive themselves.

About the Author

Vanessa Margaret Wachtel was born in Fremont, Nebraska, and was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with two brothers. She earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Later she married and became Vanessa Farias. She has been married for over 17 years, has two wonderful children and still resides in Las Vegas. She worked in Human Resources for over 15 years for a local utility where she encountered many situations of her own as well as those of others that inspired her to write Spirit-Lifters.

(2010, paperback, 58 pages)