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by Susan Schall

When CC, a bright inner-city teenager, receives an application to a gifted and talented charter school, his mother trashes it. But CC secretly rescues it from the garbage and applies. Living in the depressed projects, attending a failing school, will CC have the courage and the spirit to escape the world of gangs and poverty?

CC applies and is accepted. Though he feels like a fake, CC gradually gains confidence and bonds with three kids. As close friends they mature together, deal with their environment and set themselves on the road to a positive future. CC matures sexually; becomes a foster child in his friend Latishas home; finds a long lost relative; develops strategies to deal with the Bloods; has a relationship with a mentor, his employer, a Korean immigrant; and solves the mystery of the lurking shadow in the girls room.

Spirit is a story of courage and determination that proves that you can overcome the most challenging obstacles and take positive steps to control your own destiny with grit and determination.

About the Author:

As a former inner-city teacher in a magnet school of the gifted and talented, Susan Schall taught many kids who faced similar circumstances as CC. Some took the opportunity of an enriched teaching program and went for it and won full scholarships to college and others ended up in jail. Why some students survive and some dont is a puzzle worth exploring. Schall based CC on many of the characteristics of these exceptional students, who had the spirit to leave the projects behind them and forge a positive future.

Schall is a resident of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York and is married to a supportive and loving husband. She now devotes her life to her family and to writing.

(2013, Paperback, 110 pages)