The Spirit of Jay Sparrow

The Spirit of Jay Sparrow
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The Spirit of Jay Sparrow
by Ernest C. Conley

Jay Sparrow wants more from life than just being an Indian. He wants success, and that means going into the white manís world.

Instead, he finds betrayal and defeat. Returning to his native Canada he begins a quest to find the real Jay Sparrow.

This is the story of Jayís adventure into the wilds of Canada to discover himself and, in the process, he finds violence, death, love and the spirits of his people. All in a place few men know existed.

About the Author

Ernest C. Conley and his wife Marilyn live on sixteen acres in the Piedmont of South Carolina. They named their home MariClif Gardens.

Ernest spends his days outside caring for the numerous flower gardens and nature trails that cover the land.

After taking early retirement from FEDEX in 2002, Ernest began writing as a way to spend the winter months. At the urging of friends and family, he is making his debut into the world of fiction.

(2014, Paperback, 118 pages)


The Spirit of Jay Sparrow E-Book
The Spirit of Jay Sparrow E-Book

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