Squaring the Circle

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Squaring the Circle

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Squaring the Circle
by Ryan Mills

In the alchemical tradition of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, squaring the circle meant creating the Philosophers Stone, a substance that could supposedly transmute lead into gold. Certain alchemists, however, chose to view this long and complex process as a spiritual allegory, an esoteric map capable of guiding discerning practitioners on an inner journey towards enlightenment. From this mystical perspective, squaring the circle ultimately signified reaching a state of spiritual perfection or wholeness.

In his generous collection of poetry, Squaring the Circle, Ryan Mills brings together four distinct manuscripts, each of which represents a stage in his own journey towards wholeness. Drawing upon influences that range from Jungian psychology to Buddhism, from ancient mythology to modern detective fiction, Mills wrestles with himself and with the stories, traditions, and systems of thought that have inspired him.

About the Author

Ryan Mills was born in Jasper, Indiana in 1979. As an undergraduate at Indiana University, he designed his own major, which combined creative writing with the study of religion and mythology. He graduated in 2002. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife Courtney and his son Soren.

(2011, paperback, 228 pages)