Squirt Goes to Kindergarten

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Squirt Goes to Kindergarten
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Squirt Goes to Kindergarten
by Pamela Pierce Raymundo

Squirt Goes to Kindergarten is a seven year journey that began when the Pierce zoo/house added a new pet. The first ferret they had was shy and small and seemed so calm compared to the three dogs and very large cat already in place. The next two ferrets were much larger and had bigger personalities. It continued until they found the perfect companion: Squirt. As a kindergarten teacher, it seemed so natural to introduce Squirt to the five- and six-year-olds. Having a unique class pet helped with both social skills and behavior. Squirt appreciated the attention and activity and the class loved the privilege of caring for a dear and fragile friend.

Squirt Goes to Kindergarten is a culmination of adventures that took place weekly. Told from the point of view of Squirt the ferret, this book is a glimpse into kindergarten with an exciting class pet. It is about a ferret experiencing school on the first day and all that entails. Squirt has a dream just like her author that she keeps till the very end. This book is perfect for young readers due to the subject and perfect for teachers because of the content.

About the Author:

Pamela Pierce Raymundo grew up in Indiana where she always adored a house full of pets. School was always a challenge for someone with her attention span and activity level. Thanks to some amazing teachers in her path, she fell in love with the idea of teaching others who also found school challenging. Her dream to teach was only shadowed by her continuing love for animals.

Landing in southeast Texas in the early 1980s, Pamela continued to be exposed to wonderful and caring teachers who helped pave the path for her future career. She became a mother of two sons who shared her love for pets.

Later in life, as a young widow, Pamela taught children and integrated animals into her classroom. She enjoyed sharing her love for animals while teaching these young people. Later, she remarried a man who shared her love for teaching and inherited two children who also shared her love for animals. It just seemed a natural fit to combine these two loves for this educator/pet professional.

(2016, Hardcover, 40 pages)