Standing on Alligator Heads

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Standing on Alligator Heads
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Standing on Alligator Heads
by Larry Jackson

Why the title: Standing on alligator heads is a metaphor for life being a river you have to cross. In my case, with only my courage and wits, the journey is treacherous. Total destruction will come at the slightest misstep, especially when the only way across is on the proverbial heads of alligators.

This is a true story about overcoming crushing hardships in life. The author was the result of the vicious and incestuous rape of his mother. He grew up in the abject poverty of the ghettos of Philly during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. His extended family was ashamed of the very sight of him. Only his sheer will to survive would carry him on.

Fighting almost daily the street gangs infesting his neighborhood, the author refused to give up. He went on to college, only to be sent to prison six months from graduation. He spent another ten years pursuing and getting his degree, became a teacher, a successful businessman, and a player in Philly politics. After three divorces, and again refusing to give up, the author found the love of his life.

This true story will take you deep into your soul and find your courage and determination to refuse to quit. This is a required book for every teenager, everyone who lost the love of his life, or those who think prison is the end. If the author can do it, you can, too. Every word is true and just how he lived it.

(2012, paperback, 142 pages)