Star Dust

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Star Dust

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Star Dust
by Werner Lossau

Star Dust is the story of a man coming to terms with being a man. It is a story dealing with sex and sexuality, but it is not about sex.

Star Dust is about people in flux in relationships around the world. It is about men and women. It is about needsphysical and spiritualand about the difficulty in fulfilling those needs.

Star Dust is about freedom and commitment.

About the Author

Born in Germany, Werner Lossau has traveled the world in pursuit of knowledge and girls (not necessarily in that order). Having obtained both a commercial and technical education, he is as comfortable in a boardroom as he is on an oilrig.

He now resides in South Africa in a small village overlooking a large lake. There he is spending his golden years writing, sailing, and in pursuit of knowledge (not necessarily in that order).

(2010, paperback, 270 pages)