Stealing Home

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Stealing Home
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Stealing Home
by Sebastian K. MacDonald, C.P.

During his teaching years, the author taught a variety of courses in moral theology (Christian Ethics). Many of these addressed specific areas of human agency: sexuality, marriage, business, technology, medicine, violence. Then it struck him one day that he was teaching about areas of conduct and behavior in which he had no personal or hands-on experience.

So his interest shifted to the basic foundations of moral theology where he, along with the rest of the human race, did have some expertise: what it means to be human. And, in addition, he pursued, together with many others in the field, what it means to act in a Christian/Catholic way, in any and all pursuits of life.

Stealing Home is the title of this small book. It suggests that we want to win the game of life by gaining home-heaven. The base pads leading to home plate are laid out here on the field of life before us.

About the Author

The author has been a Catholic priest for almost 55 years. A native of Detroit, born of Kentucky-bred parents during the Great Depression, he left for the seminary at a very young age.

Following ordination, MacDonald pursued further studies in Rome. Back in the States, he was soon caught up in the project of starting a new kind of seminary program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (CTU). After several years of teaching there, MacDonald left the academic field and became involved in the administration of the religious community to which he belonged (the Passionists), where he has spent the remainder of his life. This involvement brought him to every continent of the world, and considerably enriched his experience of life. Throughout this period of time he maintained his interest in moral theology, and managed to do some writing in the field. MacDonald has had a continuing relationship with CTU over the years, and currently sits on its board of trustees. Chicago has been his home for approximately half his life.

(2012, paperback, 96 pages)