Steel Clouds

Steel Clouds
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Steel Clouds
by L. Jaye Hill

Amid the growing hostilities of a fledgling steel worker’s union and the challenges of the war effort, mill hand Michael Carey is awaiting the birth of his first child. His own father abandoned his family at the turn of the century, forcing his mother into employment and placing his sisters and him into an orphanage. Michael relives his stay in the orphan house, the hardships, and a tragic death without his hero: his dad. A child of Irish immigrant parents, Michael possesses their spirit, and his heroic efforts to save his fellow orphans provides a moving tale of survival.

About the Author

L. Jaye Hill is a graduate of the Newspaper Institute of America. She published a historical column for five years with special interest in southern history and the Civil War. Pittsburgh, with its rich history of steel making and ethnicity, greatly influenced her desire to write Steel Clouds.

As a Navy wife, she traveled extensively. While in Ireland, she was inspired by the accounts of the Irish struggles for independence, leading to a sequel about the Carey family, which she is presently writing. Ms. Hill lives on Florida’s Gulf Coast, where she enjoys the beach, long walks, and swimming, and she continues her endeavors with poetry as well as short stories.

(2009, paperback, 270 pages)


Steel Clouds (e-book)
Steel Clouds (e-book)

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