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by Daenette Pohlman

At the age of seventeen, I knew I would someday write a book. About four years ago, I began to write it. In 1988 I started some personal journals for self-help. It was a kind of therapy for myself. I put that away after the local paper printed some of my journal. At that time, I only wanted revenge for my stepmother.

My book wasnt going to be about two abused children. I wanted it to be about a womans hate, such hate I searched for the word hate and other names to describe hate: Loathsome, detestable, odious, offensive, etc. She hated these kids beyond hate and every word to describe it. Its about ones life filled with anger and rage every day, how she takes it out on her stepchildren.

After becoming a mother, I cant imagine anyone treating children the way Sherry did, simply knowing right from wrong. She had no addictions or disabilities. Why did she use all her energy for hate? To this day, I still dont get it.

Ive read other books about abuse cases; there are worse out there in the world. But I believe it helps the victims to read about these stories.

(2009, paperback, 214 pages)