Strawberry's Forever Home

Strawberry's Forever Home
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Strawberry's Forever Home
by Patricia J. Emerick

A little dog is dropped out in the country and left to fend for herself. She decides to try and find her way home. On her journey she meets kindness and potential cruelty. She ends up in an overcrowded shelter with no name and no home.

A long trip finds her in a better shelter with an excellent chance of being adopted. Here she meets her new family. After settling in she comes close to making a serious mistake which may cost her all she’s gained. Her decision will decide if she keeps everything or if she will lose all.

About the Author:

The author lives on the coast in New Jersey with her husband, cat and dog. She loves Maine and, after living there for many years, returns as often as possible. She spends a lot of time walking, doing yoga and just enjoying the out-of-doors.

For many years the author was a volunteer, reading to kindergarten and first-graders in a local elementary school. During that time she saw the joy and fun a good book can bring to children.

A love of books and reading started in childhood and continues to this day. The author also has a life-long love of animals and has had many pets. After rescuing a little dog she was inspired to try writing about that experience.

(2015, Paperback, 34 pages)


Strawberry's Forever Home [EBOOK]
Strawberry's Forever Home [EBOOK]

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