Stimulations for Positive Engagement & Uplifting

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Stimulations for Positive Engagement & Uplifting
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Stimulations for Positive Engagement & Uplifting
by Lester Zoom Headley

This book is designed to engage and uplift the developmental attitudes and spirits of people in the world of work, social, political, church, and the environment. It is geared towards spiritual development and striking a balance with the mental, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional reflection. It serves to place the reader into a unique position with a greater appreciation for success and emotional upliftment. It showcases that where there are boundaries and mindsets forming, there can be broken down for victory completely erasing negativity.

This body of work will inspire you to value your developmental journey and never give up on life. It reminds you that, regardless of the roadblocks and how people see you or treat you, you can still be victorious. It reminds you that your success is based on your spirituality, your vision, mission, values, standards, and consistency.

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By Lester Zoom Headley:

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Human Resources Business Partner, Employee Relations & Engagement

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International Published Author of six books

Former National Athlete (Race Walking)

Golf Operation Retail Manager

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Principle Owner and speaker of Employee Engagement Professional Network Inc

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(2017, Paperback, 144 pages)