Stop Acting Like an Animal!

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Stop Acting Like an Animal!
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Stop Acting Like an Animal!
by Elgren T. Green

Ever have the feeling like something is missing and you feel incomplete in many areas of life? This feeling of emptiness is your poor intelligent soul/spirit calling out to be freed from the bondage of the physical body and brain. The physicist David Bohm stated, Who we are is much greater than what we perceive ourselves to be.

Follow Elgren T. Green on a journey of fourteen plus years of research and study of freeing the spirit to become a divine expression. This is a clue to one having dominion over the earth, hence, the human body. Humanity may overlook the fact that the brain is the home where the mind resides, manifesting intelligence while the brain manifests intellect. The mind has a higher calling, dealing with our purpose in life; while the brain only impels career choices, enhancing emotional and/or mental concerns at times.

About the Author:

Green touches adeptly on how spirituality has been controlling individuals internally since the beginning of time. There are rational explanations on how life originated through evolution on the different planes of existence from elements to minerals, vegetables to animals, all the way UP to woman and man. Simply through a coalescent method, utilizing ancient wisdom and empirical data from studies concerning life in which professional individuals instruct on selective topics, Green has created this informative book.

In all, this book transmits the feeling felt after watching a movie like The Matrix, causing individuals to have a sense of elevated consciousness leading to increased levels of wisdom, approximating a divine mind, character, and behavior in ones self, if desired. Come along on this beginning transformation of your spiritual self from being to BECOMING.

(2016, Paperback, 336 pages)