Stop Bully Stop!

Stop Bully Stop!
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Stop Bully Stop!
by Germaine Scalisi Lattier
Illustrated by Alexandria Scalisi

Bullying is an increasing problem in our nationís schools. Stop Bully Stop! tells the story of a group of children who band together to interrupt a bullying situation and how a dramatic change of heart is experienced by one bully. Speaking up with the support of a desirable group proves to be an effective anti-bullying technique. The text is written in simple rhyme and the scenes depict bullying incidences that are easily identifiable but not frightening to young children.

About the Author:

Teaching and working as an educational diagnostician in the public school system for thirty-six years has enabled Germaine Scalisi Lattier to observe social tendencies of young students. With this book, Lattierís desire is to provide children with a tool to help them cope in a sometimes unfriendly world. She enjoys writing short pieces, particularly stories about children who become champions by using their wits. She lives in Lafayette, Louisiana.

About the Illustratorr:

Alexandria Scalisiís passion for art began at age seven. In high school, she qualified for the Talented Visual Arts Program where she mastered the use of various mediums for her artistic creations. In May of 2016, Scalisiís work was exhibited in her hometown at the Abbeville Cultural & Historical Alliance Center. She resides in Georgia where she will continue her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)


Stop Bully Stop! [EBOOK]
Stop Bully Stop! [EBOOK]

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