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by Janet Colbert  

About the Book

This book is an intimate look at the seedy underworld of organized pill pushers collaborating in our own backyard! This is not only isolated to someone else’s family, it also affects mine and yours. This is an opiate epidemic that is fueled by greed! The number of deaths and babies born to addiction escalates every year, and we continue to make the excuse; the drug companies are too powerful! It’s time to STOPPNow!!!

About the Author

Janet Colbert is a passionate woman who cares about the lives of others. She was born in New York and moved to Florida at the age of 2. She is a proud Floridian who loves and cares for her community. Colbert earned dual degrees (BSN and BPS) after intense schooling at nights and on weekends while holding down a full time job.

While working as a neonatal intensive care nurse Colbert came to realize that she wasn’t just caring for sick babies, instead she observed more and more babies being born into addiction. After further research on her own, Colbert found she was in the middle of a nationwide epidemic that has its epicenter in Broward County, Florida. Sickened by the revelation about the community she loves, Colbert started writing letters to local and national leaders.

Colbert soon realized that this was not enough and that she could not stand by caring for the increasing number of addicted babies and not give more of herself. She and two other mothers organized protests in front of some of the 150 pain clinics in Broward County. The protests and protestors multiplied as concerned parents joined in their efforts. Colbert knew she needed to do more, so she did. She has presently brought the fight back to the politicians as well as writing a book about this pandemic, STOPPNow!!!

Janet Colbert’s efforts have been recognized by her community. On May 11th she was inducted into the 2017 “100 Most Outstanding Women of Broward County.”


(2017, Paperback, 334 pages)

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    Posted by Lawrence on Sep 30th 2017

    A wonderful book! Inspirational and emotional. “Stoppnow” is a testament to what one person’s efforts can create to bring awareness and knowledge to the largest epidemic presently consuming North America. Janet has chronicled the lack of effort from our politicians, public officials, medical associations, and medical boards as people continue to become addicted and/or die. The old adage, the fiddler played while Rome burned” has never had more meaning. Although Nero is not mentioned in the book, the phrase brings clarity for me, “Nero has been reincarnated and controls the epidemic.”
    Janet and the people who have continued their support of her efforts deserve great adulation. For those who know little about the history of our “do nothing leaders” or need to be reminded that the epidemic did not start yesterday and had the support of too many otherwise decent people need to read this book. At some point, North America will reach the tipping point where they have become disgusted with the damage and destruction from the opioids. I hope this book is the beginning impetus.
    “StoppNow” is an excellent start for those who have recently been affected personally or by a loved one addicted or died from the opioids. The book is also a refresher on reminding those of us who have been aware of the epidemic how incredibly ingenious the drug companies have been to bring destruction and death behind the vernacular of “logical explanations” and unscrupulous attorneys.