Stories by David Van Hoy

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Stories by David Van Hoy

Stories by David Van Hoy

By: David Van Hoy

About the Book

David Van Hoy started writing poetry down 25 years ago on a long commute from Spanaway, Washington to Des Moines, Washington. He recommends trying a poem a day. It can bring new motivation and hope and could keep the doctor away.

About the Author

David Van Hoy grew up in a small town in the state of Washington. He is a fix-it kind of guy who did carpentry, painting—anything his employer wanted. They even painted “Dave—Mr. Fix-it” on their truck!    

At ninety-one years of age, David starts the day off with a good healthy breakfast which includes green tea, a muffin of blueberries, a thick butter spread and a big glob of peanut butter topped off with strawberry jam. David gets exercise by hiking several times a week at a park. He particularly likes Mount Rainier and he climbed it in July 1976 with two of his sons, Daniel and Craig. David says that vitamin D is very important to your life, so get out in the sun and exercise to keep your immune system in top shape.            

The author has been married for sixty-five years to a beautiful, spunky gal whose nickname is Bunny. They have four children: Daniel, Jeff, Craig and Jennifer. The family is blessed with good health, a loving God and knowing that family is a blessing of flowers in life.    David has other books as well such as a book of poems about hope, a children’s coloring book, children’s stories and many inventions.


(2019, Paperback, 142 Pages)


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